Author – C.R Kothari
Publication – New Age International Publication
Edition – New Edition
Description – This is the most recommended book for UGC NET Preparation.
Author – Ranjit Kumar
Publication – SAGE Publication
Edition – 2011
Description – This is also recommended by Scholar’s Mantra to prepare for UGC NET.

Author – Kitsakorn Locharoenrat

Publication – Taylor and Francis

Edition – 2017

Description – This book is for those who want to learn about thesis writing, research papers and basics of Research.

Author – J.P.Verma and Mohammad Ghufran

Publication – Tata McGrawHill Education Private limited

Edition – 2012

Description – You gonna love statistics if you read this book. This is Scholar’s Mantra’s Personally recommended book.

Author – Jeremy Miles and Philip Banyard

Publication – SAGE Publication

Edition – 2007

Description – This book is for deep understanding of full concepts of Statistics.

Author – Brad Walker

Publication – Walkerbout Health Ptv. Ltd.

Edition – 2005

Description – This is a brief book of sports injuries. Sports injuries topics are very commonly come in NET Exams in Physical Education.

Author – Elizabeth Oakes

Publication –

Edition – 2005

Description – This is a book of Sports injuries, their causes, treatments and preventions in detail.

Author – Jennifer L. Minigh

Publication – Greenwood Press

Edition – 2007

Description – Good book for Asports Medicine topics

Author – Michael Kjaer and Michael Krogsgaard

Publication – WILLEY

Edition – 2008

Description – This book comprises of Physiology as well as Sports Medicine topics

Author – Dr. Devinder K. Kansal

Publication – SSS Publication

Edition – 2012

Description – This is the best book covers all the main and important point about Test, Measurement and Evaluation topics.

Author – Tudor O. Bompa and Larlo A. Buzzichelli

Publication – Human Kinetics

Edition – 2019

Description – Most famour book in the field of Sports training and mostly covers topics of UGC NET Physical Education subject.

Author – Nicholas Ratamess

Publication – Wolter’s Kluwer

Edition – 2012

Description – Also a good book for Sports training but in a general way.

Author – Richard H.Cox

Publication – Mc. GrawHill

Edition – 2012

Description – Good book covers many topics from NET Syllabus.

Author – Robert S. Weinberg and Daniel Gould

Publication – Human Kinetics

Edition – 2011

Description – One of the best book from Human Kinetics Publication which provides best books for Physical Education subject.

Author – D. Shaw, T.Gorely and R.Corban

Publication – Taylor and Francis

Edition – 2005

Description – Good Book.


Description – This is a Brief note for Sports Biomechanics and covers almost all topics of UGC NET in brief. You gonna love this book.

Author – Anita Bean

Publication – A and C Black

Edition – 2009

Description – To study sports nutrition in deep but in brief then prefer this book for Sports Nutrition.

Author – Heather Hedrick Fink and Alan E. Mikesky

Publication – Jones and Barlett

Edition – 2015

Description – Good book for sports Nutrition in detail.

Author – William D.McArdle, Frank L.Katch, Victor L.Katch

Publication – Wolters Kluwer

Edition – 2010, Seventh Edition

Description – Excellent book for exercise Physiology in detail. You will get all NET syllabus in this book