Grand Mock Test

Grand Mock Test

Join us on June 15 for the Grand Mock Test at UGC NET level, hosted by Scholars Mantra. This comprehensive mock test is designed to prepare you for the UGC NET exam, offering a realistic test experience with questions modeled after the actual exam. By participating, you’ll be able to assess your knowledge, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop effective test-taking strategies. The Grand Mock Test provides detailed feedback and performance analysis to help you understand your progress and areas for improvement. Ideal for serious candidates aiming to excel in the UGC NET, this mock test is a valuable tool in your preparation journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your confidence and readiness for the real exam with Scholars Mantra’s expert guidance.

Test Instructions

1) Test level is UGC NET
2) Test is based on UGC NET last year PYQs
3) Test duration is 2 hours from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
4) You will be able to check your answers after 12:00 PM
5) Test contains 100 Questions with 1 marks each
6) Test will be bilingual
7) Put your phone on Aeroplane mode while doing the test
8) Test will be explained by MEENAKSHI MAM on YOUTUBE, stay connected with TELEGRAM CHANNEL

                                   !!!ALL THE BEST!!!

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