UGC NET Dec 2024 Gantavya Batch

Get ready to ace the UGC NET Dec 2024 exam with our comprehensive Gantavya Batch No. 13, starting from 25th June. Designed to provide a holistic learning experience, this course offers a blend of live classes, recorded videos, and numerous other features to ensure your success. Here’s what you can expect:

Key Features of the Course:-

1. **Live Classes**: Engage with expert educators in real-time, enabling interactive learning and instant doubt resolution.
2. **Recorded Videos**: Access high-quality recorded sessions at your convenience, ensuring you never miss a class.
3. **6-Month Validity**: Enjoy six months of access to all course materials, giving you ample time to prepare and revise.
4. **Mock Test Series**: Test your knowledge and exam readiness with a series of mock tests designed to simulate the actual exam environment.
5. **Weekly Subject Tests**: Regular assessments to track your progress and identify areas needing improvement.
6. **Doubt Sessions**: Dedicated sessions to clarify all your doubts and strengthen your understanding of complex topics.
7. **Motivational Videos**: Stay motivated and focused with specially curated motivational videos to keep your spirits high throughout your preparation journey.
8. **Previous Year Questions**: Practice with previous year question papers to understand the exam pattern and difficulty level.

Join Gantavya Batch No. 13 and embark on your journey to success in the UGC NET JRF Dec 2024 exam!


1) This course is specially designed for UGC NET DECEMBER 2024, but you can also prepare for SET, ASST. PROF. & Physical Director Exams as syllabus is the same.

2) Study material will be in English and Hindi Both

3) All the course information is available in BROCHURE and SYLLABUS is also available

4) MOCK TESTS and PYQs series will be in both Languages.

5) MOCK TEST PRACTICE will be in different other languages too.

6) This is 3 Months LIVE COURSE and 6 MONTHS recorded videos validity.

7) Live Classes will be only on the Scholar’s Mantra website only for private students.

8) Check FREE DEMO CLASSES before buying the COURSE because no REFUND POLICY.

9) Students will get admission card after admission and they have to keep it safe for future benefits.

10) Students should read STUDENTS POLICIES before buying the COURSE.

UGC NET Syllabus

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Scholars Mantra has registered over 400 UGC NET students since 2021.

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Scholars Mantra has registered over 50 JRF students since 2021.

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High class learning with upgraded study material. This great combination gets us to clear in exam.

Pooja Yadav UGC NET

Scholars Mantra gives us a track where I can save my future studies.

Sahil Sharma TGT PGT

I'm so glad I found Scholar Mantra. The UPSC preparation resources are top-notch. The video lectures are engaging, and the study materials cover every aspect of the syllabus. Thanks to them, I feel confident about my exams.

Priya Sharma STET/PTI

Scholar Mantra has been a game-changer for me. Their B.Ed. course material is comprehensive and easy to understand. The mock tests really prepared me well for the government exams. Highly recommended!"

Rahul Singh SET

I love how Scholar Mantra combines physical education courses with exam prep. It's a holistic approach to learning!"

Payal CUET

Scholar Mantra made preparing for my government exams so much easier! Their resources are top-notch.

Karan Physical Education

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